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The smooth inner wall and free flowing fittings also lower your compressed air costs. RapidAirs FastPipe aluminum compressed air piping is lightweight, making it easy to cut and lift. It is available in 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 4, and 6 pipes and can be joined with our MaxLine system through pipe

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Here again stainless steel or coated aluminum is our number one recommendation for the interconnecting piping from the compressor to the filter and dryers when the compressed air is oil free. It will obviously resist corrosion much better than standard schedule 40 black iron. Modular Aluminum Compressed Air Pipingcompressor lubricants Compressed air, vacuum, inert gas General System Ratings Fire resistant to flammability standard UL94HB OSHA Compliant 3/4 - 2 Compression Aluminum Pipe Specs 3/4 - 2 Alloy grade Extruded to ASTM B221, B429 Blue powder coat, RAL5012 outside Green powder coat, RAL6018 outside

Transair® Advanced Air Pipe Systems eCompressedAir

Transair® Advanced Air Pipe Systems. Transair's aluminum compressed air pipe system is quick to install and easy to modify. Transair components are removable and interchangeable, which allows immediate and easy layout modifications. Unlike the performance of steel and copper, which degrades over time due to corrosion, Transair provides clean Transair® Pipe - Aluminum Pipe SystemTransair®, the original "blue air pipe", can also be combined with existing copper and steel compressed air pipe systems without compromising performance, making it the ideal solution for upgrades or expansion projects. Unlike the performance of copper or steel, which degrades over time due to corrosion, Transair pipe provides clean air quality with optimum flow rate.

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Transair® aluminum pipe is the ideal system for any compressed air, vacuum, or inert gas application. Transair® pipe push-to-connect fittings eliminate the need to thread, solder or glue pipe. Transair® offers substantial savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs when compared to other compressed air piping systems. Compressed Air Piping Kits Quick-Lock/Big-Lock TubingIt offers the performance of traditional heavy steel piping at the cost of systems using plastics. The revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe and leak-free structure for all applications. This tubing is designed for compressed air, inert

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