effect of element cu on 05cupcrni steel plate

Chemical elements in 05CuPCrNi weather resistance steel plate

Among them, copper is the most important element for the 05CuPCrNi weather resistance steel plate, and nickel has little effect on the weather resistance of steel plates. In 05CuPCrNi weather resistance steel plate, copper is an active cathode. The copper precipitated on the surface of the copper-containing steel plate can promote the anodic passivation of the 05CuPCrNi weather resistance steel plate,

Cr and Ni elements in the 05CuPCrNi steel plate - BEBON

Cr is also one of the alloy elements to improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance of 05CuPCrNi steel plate, but it has obvious effect only with the combination of Cu. The corrosion potential of Cr is low, and Cr is an element with passivation tendency, which promotes the formation of dense oxidation passivation film on the surface of 05CuPCrNi steel plate in the atmosphere, so as to improve the corrosion resistance Cu and P elements effect in the 05CuPCrNi steel - Shanghai The addition of Cu to 05CuPCrNi steel can form a dense copper oxide thin layer between the corrosion layer of the steel and the rich copper layer, thereby slowing and inhibiting the continued growth of the medium Corrosion inside the steel plate. When the Cu content is greater than 0.15%, its resistance to atmospheric corrosion will increase slowly. P is an effective element in alloying elements to improve

Chemical composition effects the 05CuPCrNi steel plate

Cu element has electrochemical depolarization effect, which promotes the formation of dense and firm protective film on the surface of 05CuPCrNi steel plate after a certain period of time and slows down the corrosion of atmospheric factors. Cu and P were added to 05CuPCrNi steel plate to improve corrosion resistance and solid solution to strengthen ferrite.

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