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Fatigue test results . In fatigue analysis the composite specimen break at 26000 RPM when bending moment is 75 Kg-cm and Mild steel specimen fails at 8500RPM when bending moment is 150 Kg-cm. Conclusions . The replacement of composite materials has resulted in considerable amount of weight reduction about 64% when

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fatigue analysis of shaft made up of composite material. 1.1 Methodology 2058.75 N-m ii. Speed of drive shaft = 2800 rpm iii. Outside diameter of drive shaft = 75 mm 7 Yield 270 m/kg 400 ft/lb 8 Spool weight 5.5 kg, 11 kg 12 lb, 24 lb 9 Spool Length 0.31,500 m , 3,000 m 1,640 yd, Fatigue analysis of 75 kg/m-12 heavy-haul railway frog Fatigue analysis of 75 kg/m-12 heavy-haul railway frog based on finite element simulation. The fatigue life distribution of fatigue life analysis and the stress distribution of static mechanical analysis shows same regular pattern at same cross section. Our results indicate that optimization of the wing rail by cutting work side 5 mm and

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Note:1centner = 50 kg, 1 zoll = 1 inch, 1 centner/zoll 2 ~ 0.75 MPa. In other words, the solution ignores plasticity. Before proceeding with the fatigue analysis, these strains are automatically converted into non-linear elastic-plastic strains using Neuber's relationship. Factors that Affect Fatigue Life. Fatigue analysis of 75 kg/m-12 heavy-haul railway frog Nov 01, 2020 · In the analysis of fatigue crack propagation life of 75 kg/m-12 heavy-haul railway frog, firstly the flexible function was set and the standard sample CTS sample was chosen; secondly the load proportion coefficient was set to 40; thirdly associated the finite element load and time course, and set the material information , , , . Assumed that the ambient medium as air, the initial crack length as 0.1 mm,

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