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Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting (Ultimate Difference

  • Working Principle John King Laser Laser Cutting Plasma Cutting Flame Aug 27, 2021 · laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting national precision laser cutting and fabrication service 01 the john king company was established in 1926 rich tradition 02 the most advanced laser technology best technology 03 quality is our top priority quality focus 04 automated parts processing robotic welding technology 05

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    Flame Cutting Flame cutting is a favorite in the plate processing industry. The flame cutting process is a visible flame cutting torch that is used with gas and pure oxygen to make the cut. Flame cutting enables a cost effective way to make steel parts, from bridges to industrial equipment. Perfect Laser CNC plasma flame cutting machine,plasma cutterPerfect Laser supply table type plasma cutter, gantry type plasma cutting machine, big cantilever type flame cutting machine, small cantilever type CNC plasma cutting machine for your choice. Additional plasma power supply can cut metal sheet in different thickness.

    Metals Depot® Oxy-Fueled Flame Cutting is an economical service that offers a good edge quality on 1/4" to 12" thick steel plates. We can cut nearly any shape or size desired squares, rectangles, circles, rings, etc. Depending on the thickness of the steel plate, some distortion may occur. Flame Cutting Tolerance = +/- 1/8" to +/-1/4"

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