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MATRIXSYNTH:Roland SPV-355 P/V Synth Owned by Moby

Jun 04, 2019 · Roland SPV-355 P/V Synth Owned by Moby via this auction "Originally owned by Moby (with the certificate to prove it)! Rare, awesome Pitch-to-Voltage Roland analog mono synth. Plug in a guitar, a mic, or even a horn and play the synth. Some of the best pitch tracking I've ever tried, and I've tried just about everything.


Jan 16,2021 MATRIXSYNTHROLAND P V Synth SPV#0183;Roland SPV-355 P/V Synth via this auction.Posted by matrix at 1/16/2021 10:39:00 AM.LABELS/MORE Auctions,Roland Reverb SUPPORT MATRIXSYNTH.No comments Post a Comment.PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE HOME. End date Jan 03,2021Location Bentonville,ARPrevious123456Next MATRIXSYNTHRoland PV synth SPV Carbon steel,mild steel User rating 4/5Price Range $1,212.67 - $1,335.27Brand RolandCategory Rackmount Synths,Analog SynthsRoland P/V Synthesizer SPV-355 Pitch-to-Voltage Synthesis. Aug 05,2014 MATRIXSYNTHRoland PV synth SPV#0183;Exciton diffusion

ROLAND P/V Synth SPV-355 - Pitch-to-Voltage Synthesizer

Mar 24, 2019 · ROLAND P/V Synth SPV-355 - Pitch-to-Voltage Synthesizer via this auction "The SPV-355 is a non keyboard synthesizer using a superior pitch to voltage converter for never-before control stability and accuracy. Now a guitarist or wind instrument player, or even a vocalist can use their instrument to control a synthesizer. The SPV-355 can also be MATRIXSYNTH:Roland PV synth SPV-355Sep 05, 2006 · The P/V Synth is a bit of a curiosity, because it seems to have been released on the one hand as a rackmounting analogue expander module (indeed, it's said to be one of the first rackmounting synths), but on the other as a budget alternative to the Roland GRseries guitar synthesizers.

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