pre weathered steel patina

Fuji Weathered Steel MG McGrath Inc. Sheet Metal

WEATHERED STEEL Playing off the natural patina of Iron, our Fuji weathered finish on Steel brings tones of reds, browns, blacks and sometimes a hint of tan. Marbling in this patina is very moderate.

Goethite Steel Distressed Metals

Named for its adherent iron oxides, Goethite Steel is our pre-oxidized weathering steel product that provides owners, architects and designers with a range of resonant tones on an enduring surface. Utilizing leading edge science regarding corrosion and protection, our steel patina provides both distinction and durability. The weathering process of Corten steel:How the patina Jul 06, 2020 · While many select corten, or weathering steel, because of its practical benefits, others select the steel for the appearance of its rusty, orange-brown patina. However, weathering steel is silver in its original state just like standard steel. The patina develops over time when exposed to weather.

Weathering Steel:How to Expedite the Patina Process

Apr 19, 2021 · While we always recommend leaving weathering steel untreated to patina naturally over time, the hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and salt water mixture is the better option if you need to pre-patina the steel to prevent staining from run-off or for other reasons. When the pre-patina finish is obtained, consider applying a clear coat sealant.

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