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Rail Fasteners, Rail Joints, Spikes, Fishplate for Sale

AGICO Railway Products Include:Rail Joints (Railway fishplates) with bolts. Resilient rail fastening systems of mainlines and subway. Rail clips, rail bolts, railroad spikes and rail shoulders. Sleeper screws, rail pads and rail anchors. Other related railway track fasteners.

Various Standards of Rail Fastenings Are Hot Sale!

Fastener is required to every rail system, for example, ralraod rails, highway guard rail, industrial railing system, etc. In a complete rail fastening system, every component is used to secure running rails into rail chairs or baseplates or directly to railway sleepers, bearers or other rail supports. Rail fastening system ensures the safety of railwayRail Fastening System The function of rail fastening system is to fix rails to railway sleeper or railroad ties. Generally, a rail fastening system is consisted of rail anchors, rail tie plates, chairs, fasteners, spikes, screws, bolts, etc.

  • Type of Rail Fastening System For High-Speed Railway Classifications of Railway Fasteners And Performance of Railway Fasteners Used for Wooden Railway Sleepers 1. The separated type fasteners The separated type railway fasteners are to separate rail bolts and rail spikes that are respectively used for holding the rails and fixing tie plates. In general, the tie plates are fixed on the sleepers by rail spikes, and have the rail bearing shoulders.

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