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For more information about GB/T 3077 Alloy steel plate, please clicking Mill Technical Information . If GB/T 3077 12CrNi3 covers the following issues of hot rolled and forging alloy steel:the dimension, shape, weight, tolerance, engineering specification, test method, inspection rules, packaging, marking, and quality certificates.. The standard applies to alloy structural steel bar 250mm

Chemical composition, Mechanical, physical and

Chemical composition % of the ladle analysis of grade 12CrNi3 C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo V 0.10-0.17 0.17-0.37 0.30-0.60 0.60-0.90 2.75-3.15 W N Cu Co Pb B Nb Al Other Ti Ta Mechanical properties of grade 12CrNi3 Annealing hardness HBS Cold pull hardness HBS Preheatin g temperat ure °C Quenching temperature °C Holding time min Hardening medium GB 12CrNi3 GB/T 3077 - BBN STEEL STORESGB 12CrNi3 GB/T 3077 Introduction. 12CrNi3 steel sheet, 12CrNi3 steel density, 12CrNi3 grade, 12CrNi3 specification, 12CrNi3 chemistry, 12CrNi3 equivalent, 12CrNi3 steel equivalent, 12CrNi3 yield strength, 12CrNi3 steel plate thickness chart, GB 12CrNi3 GB/T 3077 physical properties,Mechanical Properties of GB 12CrNi3 GB/T 3077 Steel

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GB-12CrNi3 Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd. GB-12CrNi3 / Precision steel bar, steel plate, steel tube and professional steel-related services supplier Call Us 886-4-25233499 OTAI 12CrNi3 alloy steel,Export to more than 20 countries 12CrNi3 steel belongs to alloy carburizing steel and has higher hardenability than 12CrNi2A steel. Therefore, it can be used to manufacture parts with a slightly larger section than 12CrNi2A steel. Type:military special steel Properties:It is a high-grade carburizing steel with a wide range of uses The steel has good comprehensive mechanical

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