4130 steel hydrogen embrittlement

(PDF) Effect of hydrogen embrittlement on the

Nov 08, 2018 · Nov 08, 2018 · Abstract and Figures. In this work, the behavior of hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion of nickel, cadmium and copper electroplating steel alloy 4130 were examined. The microstructures of exposed

Embrittlement of 4130 steel by low-pressure gaseous

A study has been made of the embrittlement of fully hardened 4130 steel in low-pressure, <760 torr, gaseous hydrogen. It was found that the embrittlement was Hydrogen embrittlement of AISI 4130 steel with an The effects of anisotropy on the hydrogen occlusivity, diffusivity and stepwise cracking of AISI 4130 steel with a banded ferrite/pearlite structure have been studied. To determine the hydrogen occlusivity with respect to the direction of banding, hydrogen charging in a

Hydrogen embrittlement of AISI 4130 steel with an

Aug 30, 1991 · Aug 30, 1991 · Materials Science and Engineering, A 142 ( 1991 ) 193-201 193 Hydrogen embrittlement of AISI 4130 steel with an alternate ferrite/pearlite banded structure Huei-Long Lee and Sammy Lap-Ip Chan The lnstimte of Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei 10764 (Taiwan) (Received May 22, 1990; in revised form April 1, 1991 ) Abstract

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