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Lightning Bolt is an industry leader in the global exotic alloy fastener market. Incoloy A-286 bolts are known throughout the industry because of their high strength and resistance to corrosion, and creep at elevated temperatures. The Incoloy / iron-nickel-chromium alloy is

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A286 Stud Bolts Packaging A286 alloy is a heat and corrosion resistant austenitic ironbase material which can be age hardened to a high strength level. This alloys content is similar in chromium, nickel, and molybdenum to some of the austenitic stainless steels. A286 Socket A286 BoltsAlloy A286 is a precipitation hardenable alloy, which is used extensively in the petro-chemical, aerospace and oil field industries, especially for fasteners, stud-bolts. The mechanical properties detailed are typical of most oil-field equipment companies requirements. The main difference between these figures and the properties of ASTM A638 Grade 660 is that the 0.2% offset yield strength is increased from 85,000 psi

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A286 Fasteners. A286 Nuts. Alloy A286 Bolt is an austenitic, non-magnetic, iron-base super-in its annealed condition. Alloy A286 eye bolt, A286 wing bolts, A286 U bolts, A286 flat head screws, A286 machine screws & A286 hex cap screws are used in applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength up to 1300 degrees F. Incoloy A286 socket head cap screws is also suitable for lower A286 Stainless Steel Bolts manufacturers Stock Holders A286 Stainless Steel Bolts. Stainless Steel Alloy, with its anti-corrosion property due to Chromium, offers an ideal choice in high-quality fasteners. TorqBolt Inc. is proud to announce its exemplary stock of Stainless Steel Bolts for applications at high temperatures. From Jet Engines and Turbines to Manifolds and Exhausts, these super alloy A

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Stainless steel A-286 is a heat and corrosion-resistant austenitic iron-based material that can be age-hardened to a high strength level. It is designed for use at temperatures up to 704°C (1300°F) where good corrosion resistance, excellent creep strength, and high tensile strength are required. The alloy can also be used for low-temperature Alloy A286 Fastener Material Alloy UNS S66286 FastenersA286 (Alloy 660) is a stainless-steel heat-treated alloy metal that contains mostly iron, nickel, and chromium. Alloy UNS S66286 A286 is recognized for its numerous beneficial qualities including high strength, creep resistance, and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. Fasteners manufactured from Alloy 660 provide advanced weathering

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Also known as Alloy 660, A286 fasteners offer excellent high temperature oxidation resistance. A286 bolts are typically used for high strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance at extreme temperatures up to 1300°F (700°C). Their high temperature properties make A286 fasteners ideal for engine manifold, exhaust and turbine applications. A286 is also non-magnetic finding a niche in non Technical Data SheetATI A286 ATI A286 Iron-Based Superalloy (UNS S66286) INTRODUCTION. ATI A286 alloy (UNS S66286) is an iron-base superalloy useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300°F (704°C) and for lower stress appl ications at higher temperatures. This heat and corrosion resistant

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A286 / Alloy 660 (1.4980) for excellent high temperature oxidation resistance. A286 (1.4980) bolts, also known as Alloy 660 bolts are stainless steel alloy which contains iron, nickel and chromium. A286 bolts are known for their high strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures once age hardened. As a result, A286 bolts provide high levels of strength from room temperature up

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