basic laboratory glassware and equipment

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Volumetric Flask Used to prepare solutions to an accurate volume. Bunsen Burner Frequently used as a heat source in the absence of flammable materials. Utility Clamp Used to secure glassware to a ring stand. Wash Bottle Used to rinse pieces of glassware and to add small quantities of water.

Glassware and Equipment

  • Distillation and Reaction Glassware 10 Important Lab GlasswareList of Names and Uses in Jun 25, 2017 · Lab glassware used in most labs. 1 Glass Beaker. 2. Measuring cylinder. 3. Conical flask. 4. Test tube. 5. Round bottom flask. 6. Volumetric flask. 7. Filtration flask. 8. Funnel. 9. Separating funnel. 10. Burette. 11. Pipette. Let us see their features and uses in detail. 1. Glass beaker:This is a plain and simple cylindrical trough made of glass. It is transparent and has a flat bottom. Lab Equipment - Chemistry LibreTextsAug 19, 2019 · Glassware- used for measurement. VOLUMETRIC FLASK; GRADUATED CYLINDER; PIPET; BURET; Equipment often used in Titrations. RING STAND; BURET CLAMP; UTILITY CLAMP; Miscellaneous. FUNNEL; WATCH GLASS; CRUCIBLE TONGS; GLASS STIR BAR; MAGNETIC STIR BAR; DISPOSABLE PIPET; WASH BOTTLE; PIPET BULB; SAFETY GOGGLES; CENTRIFUGE;

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    Aug 13, 2020 · Obviously, this is probably the first glass instrument that comes to mind. Without a doubt, its the most commonly-used glass in any scientific field. Theyre simple, easy-to-use containers that lab

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