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Cantilever - Car Parking Shade

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Commercial Carports :Full-Cantilever Design

Full Cantilever System This design employs the engineering principle of the cantilever supporting a sloped roof that extends outward from a fixed post. Its clean, sleek look affords maximum vehicle coverage with minimum interference from support posts. Necessarily a bit more costly to produce, due to the material stresses involved. Fabric Cantilever Car Parking Shade Structures - Single Single Bay cantilever tension design is the contemporary design. It is the most widely used structural system in the carport and can be used for all occasions where parking is required. Because the single cantilever structure is cable-stayed, so the steel require less then traditional architecture.

Cantilever Shade Car Wash and Parking Shade

Cantilever structures are ideal for venues where the shaded area needs to remain free of columns. From covered parking and auto dealerships to bleachers, pool areas, driving ranges, and more, our Cantilever line includes a wide variety of designs to meet your requirements.

  • Full Hip Cantilever · Single Post Pyramid Cantilever · Slanted Cantilever Wing Cabled Cantilever Car Parking Shades Structure - Best Solution Cantilever Car Parking Shade Structure Cantilever parking shade structures are most widely used parking shades in all around the world. Due to the durability, strength and low-price Cantilever (Canti) Shades are very popular and most demanding shades in UAE and mostly people prefer these shades instead of other shades.

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