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Facility Services Chilled Water Plant 2 :394 :Mobile (Trailer Mounted) 1 185 ; Section Page:4 ; University Design Guidelines Automation System to the Chilled Water Bridge controller. This signal represents the actual live total Chilled Water load in the building.

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The campus chilled water system consists of a campus distribution loop, 4 chiller plants housing 8 centrifugal chillers with a total of 6,800 cooling tons capacity. Our primary plants, South and North chiller plants, have been recently updated to a variable pumping system; North Chiller Plant was completely renewed in 2018. Chilled Water Meters - Facilities & Campus ServicesOct 22, 2019 · October 22, 2019. Metering and measuring energy consumption at the building level is an important part of any energy management process. The BPI 2 program has metering goals of metering all utilities at the building level for Electricity, Water, Chilled Water, and Steam. These building usage totals are compared to the Campus Total meters and a percent metered is calculated for each utility.

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Chilled Water Plant 2 (CWP2) was constructed in 1973-74 to meet the cooling loads on the statutory campus and included one 2,000 ton Carrier model 19CB centrifugal chiller (Chiller-5). Another 2,000 ton Carrier model 19CB centrifugal chiller (Chiller-6) was added in 1984. Both use R-114 refrigerant and evaporative cooling towers for heat rejection. FT - facilities.rochester.eduTypical Building Chilled Water Bridge Diagram Typical chilled water conditions 44 degrees F supply and 60 degrees F return and 100 psig supply 85 psi return Mode of Operation - No Pump Boost:In this mode the ICV (supply side control valve) controls differential pressure (DP) across building load, pump is off. ICV DP set point is typically 6-12

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Facilities SLA Page 2 of 14 [Back to Table of Contents] 1.0 SERVICE SUMMARY Service Line Summary Unit Service Level of Service Page # Core Service Premium Service Recharge Service Utilities 5 Provide purchased utilities (water/sewer, natural gas, electricity), steam, chilled water, and refuse/recycling services and associated management Flozone Services SERVICESFlozone Services will be responsible for monitoring the chemical levels in the closed loop. If additional treatment product or cleaning chemicals are necessary it will be the explained up front before a Service Agreement is in place. Quality water treatment services for all sizes of steam & hot water boilers.

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The chilled water plants use two chilled water economizer heat exchangers to provide free cooling when outside air temperatures drop below 45F. Campus demand for chilled water exceeded the capacity of the chilled water economizer heat exchangers at the plants requiring the operation of additional lower efficiency chillers to augment capacity. Options for Designing Chilled Water Pumping Schemes - Mar 09, 2017 · Options for Designing Chilled Water Pumping Schemes. The system for delivering chilled water to end users has changed significantly since the introduction of central chilled water plants. Drivers of this change have included increased cooling demands, improvements in technology and requirements for more energy efficiency.

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A chilled water bridge system shall fall into one of two categories, depending on the kind of building loads that are served. The building category will be designated when the designer/engineer have reviewed the building loads with the Chilled Water Engineer/Director. These categories are:(1) critical loads, (2) non-critical loads.

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