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Color-coated coil plate:is the products coated steel sheet (galvanized, zincalumed, cold plate, etc.) after surface chemical treatment (degreasing, phosphating, and chromium hydrochloric acid passivation) and coated (roller) with coatings, again baking to forming. It has both the mechanical strength of steel plate and easy molding performance, and the good decorative performance and corrosion resistance.

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The color plate produced by the cold-rolled substrate has a smooth and beautiful appearance, and has the processing performance of a cold-rolled plate; but any small scratches on the surface coating will expose the cold-rolled substrate to the air, so that the iron exposed quickly Red rust is formed. Color-coated plates knowledage from CAMLESTEELOct 21, 2019 · Oct 21, 2019 · Such a color-coated steel plate looks glamorous, and in a few years it will cause corrosion in different places (cutting, bending, under-film, etc.). Second, the color coated steel plate for construction engineering uses different manufacturers and different batches of color-coated steel plates.

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Dec 21, 2016 · The color coated plate rolling has the advantages of both organic polymers and steel plates. The great stainability, moldability, reat corrosion resistance and decoration is like the organic polymers. Besides, color coated plate has high

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