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DRILL ROD, SUBS, ROTARY TOOLS, AND BITS 2015 M D LL A eserv 5 Ke Dt 1 5g) C Factory 5-3 Manufactured to D.C.D.M.A. standards. Drill rod sizes are identified by rod size letter designations.

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water from drill rods. They may also be used to deflect grit when air drilling or located above the automatic chuck to protect the jaws from mud loading. The most common position is at the hole collar allowing all rods to be drawn through the wiper. Flat Drill Rod Wiper:9 (229mm) O.D. Description Part No. lb./kg. 1-58 (41mm) 3523-0001 4 (1.8) Drill Size Chart for Number and Letter Gauges - The No.1 Body diameter [inches (mm)] BS1 18 in (3.175 mm) BS2 316 in (4.763 mm) BS3 14 in (6.350 mm) BS4 516 in (7.938 mm) BS5 716 in (11.113 mm) BS5A 12 in (12.700 mm) BS6 58 in (15.875 mm) BS7 34 in (19.050 mm) Read hundreds of great mechanical engineering articles at engineeringclicks:

Drill Rod Drill Rod Letter Sizes Diameter Part No. Part No

Drill Rod Metric Sizes A2 Conform to ASTM A681Grade O1 & Diameter tolerance for 2mm and 3mm sizes is +/-0.008mm, for 4mm to 12mm sizes is +/-0.013mm, and for 13mm and greater sizes is +/-0.025mm Length tolerance is +1/8" O1 A2 Diameter Part No. Part No. 2mm 46950 0988740 3mm 46951 0988741 4mm 46952 0988742 5mm 46953 0988743 6mm 46954 0988744

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