effect of microstructure degradation on fracture toughness

Effect of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties and

Oct 16, 2020 · Also, another study reported that the presence of M/A micro constituents resulted in degradation of fracture toughness . K IC and G of 800 W were about 5% lower than those of TMCP. It seems that the presence of about 10% bainite in the 800 W microstructure could lead to greater toughness and fracture energy in this sample thatn it was expected.

Effects of microstructure on fracture toughness of wrought

Nov 01, 2019 · The effects of microstructure on fracture toughness have been investigated in this paper. Here, Mg-8Gd-3Y-0.5Zr (wt%) alloys were processed using rolling, extrusion and forging to fabricate three samples with different microstructure but similar grain size. The results show that fracture toughness is highest in the forged sample, but lowest in Fracture toughness and microstructure degradation of Y-TZP The present werk aims at the study of possible time-dependent changes on the fracture toughness and microstructure of two Y-TZP ceramics with different yttria contents, when immersed in Ringer's solution. The effects of yttria content, sintering time and temperature and immersion time and temperature on the tetragonal phase content and microstructure of these ceramics were studied, using X-ray

High-temperature microstructure stability and fracture

Sep 01, 2021 · Leitner et al. studied the effect of different distributions of the B2 phase along the colony boundary on fracture toughness and found that the microstructure with thick boundary areas, which consist of unconnected B2 and grains, exhibits an excellent fracture toughness. In contrast, a connected B2 phase at the colony boundaries reduced the fracture toughness. Effect of Microstructure Degradation on Fracture Toughness The paper considers the effect of microstructure degradation on fracture toughness of 20MnMoNi55 pressure vessel steel. This degradation is reflected through the shift of fracture toughness vs. temperature curve along the temperature axis and rise in reference temperature in ductile to brittle transition (DBT) region.

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