high chromium abrasion resistant plates with high hardness

Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Kloeckner Metals

AR600. AR600 steel plate is the most durable abrasion resistant plate that Kloeckner Metals offers. Due to its good abrasion resistance, it is ideal for excessive wear applications. The AR600 surface hardness is 570-640 Brinell Hardness and is often used in mining, aggregate removal, bucket, and

Abrasion and Impact Resistant Steel Plates

Easy to install by welding, Magna-Cladd is applied over A-36 structural steel. Second pass Magna-Cladd has zero dilution and a hardness range between 650-700 BHN. Magna-Cladd can also be supplied in triple pass upon clients request. It is effective up to 1250ºF with an abrasion ratio of up to 20 to 1 over other abrasion resistant steels. Ergotem Wear platesABRAPLATE ®, ERGOTEMs bi-metallic wear plate, is a unique chromium carbide overlay plate on a mild steel base. Its excellent wear and abrasion resistant properties ensure extended service life of equipment, while reducing maintenance costs. ABRAPLATE ® is produced by a unique and versatile automatic bulk welding method, using the highest quality raw materials offering superior wear resistance & high

High Chromium Wear Plate - Abrasion resistant steel plates

High Chromium Wear Plate. Steel Grade:CCO wear plate. Thickness:12+4. Executive standard :Mill Standard. Delivery Status:Mill standard. Product descriptionWear resistance:Our test shows that the wear resistance plate is 20 times higher than low carbon steel and 8 times than heat treated steel.Chemical property:C:3.5-5.5% Cr:27%-40% wear resistant. Metallurgical Aspects of HIGH- CHROMIUM WHITE IRONSchromiumcarbides)thataresubstantiallyharderthantheironcarbidein low-alloyirons. For many applications, the increased abrasion resistance of the more expensivehigh-alloywhiteironsaddssignificantlytowearlife,causing themtoprovidethemostcost-effectiveperformance. ALLOY GRADES AND SPECIFICATIONS. ASTM specifications A532 covers the compositionand

Smooth Surface Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO)

Smooth Surface Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Plate. If you thought that all chromium carbide overlay (CCO) plates are ragged, think again! Waldun was able to experiment and effectively manufacture smooth CCO plates using submerged arc welding (SAW) with advanced fusion technology. Due to this, Waldun was able to apply chromium carbide that is highly resistant to abrasion onto a Tricon Wear Solutions - Impact Resistant Alloy - Creighton abrasion resistant plate Super-C is a chromium carbide overlay, wear-resistant plate with a mild steel base for weld-ability. Tricon Wear Solutions unique cladding process produces a harder, tougher, and more wear-resistant surface.

What is Hardox 600 wear plate? - SSAB high-strength steel

Hardox 600 is a Q&T martensitic wear plate for applications that demand high resistance to abrasion and wear. Delivering a hardness of 600 Brinell, it offers a unique combination of weldability, hardness and toughness. It brings a level of user-friendliness not found in many other steels designed for high wear resistance and eliminates the need to sacrifice wear resistance to enhance impact strength. Wodon premium welded overlay wear plates, WD1000 W D1200/WD1500 series:High chromium high carbon wear plates produced by submerged arc welding; Suited for applications involving severe abrasion and low to medium impact. Chemicals. Hardness. Sheet size.

Abrasion & Impact Resistant - Ameralloy

Amera-Plex Mine Plate provides high abrasion and corrosion resistance and outwears AR, stainless, carbon steels and plastics. Double-C is a fusion-clad chromium carbide overlay permanently bonded to a carbon steel base with 6062 Rc hardness. It is well

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