pdf investigation on manganese sulfide inclusion sizes

(PDF) Role of Manganese Sulfide Inclusions in Steel Rebar

This study examined manganese sulfide (MnS) inclusions in steel rebar exposed to a simulated concrete pore solution to understand their role in passive film, corrosion, and pit propagation behavior.


(ASPEX Feature) analysis, the type of detected inclusions in medium and high manganese steels were Al 2 O 3(pure), Al 2 O 3-MnS, AlN (pure), AlN-MnS, AlON, AlON-MnS, and MnS inclusions. As the manganese content in the steel increased from 2% to 20%, the total amount of inclusions, especially AlN-contained inclusions, was raised. This phenomenon Three-dimensional Investigations of Different Sulfides in manganese sulfide (MnS) inclusions characteristics in steels by using electrolytic extraction (EE). Two steel grades, 42CrMo4 and 157C, heat treated (HT) at 900 oC were investigated. 42CrMo4 steel samples were heat treated for 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes while 157C steel samples were heat treated for 5 minutes.

(PDF) Investigation on Manganese Sulfide Inclusion Sizes

Investigation on Manganese Sulfide Inclusion Sizes in 50CrMo4 Steels by means of Fractography, Micrograph Analysis and Immersion Ultrasound March 2009 Praktische

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