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Standard Compression Springs - The Spring Store

Buy standard compression springs at The Spring Store by Acxess Spring! You are able to search for your standard compression springs by standard fractional sizes based on outer diameter and free length. The spring fractional sizes you will find are 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", and 9/64". You may also search for your standard compression springs using our quick and easy standard compression

Standard Dimension Tolerances - The Spring Store

25.001 to 30.000 ± 0.800. 30.001 to 35.000 ± 1.000. 35.001 to 40.000 ± 1.200. 40.001 to 48.000 ± 1.375. 48.000 and up ± 1.500. There is also a standard tolerance for a compression springs constant (rate per inch), loads, and travel. These tolerances vary depending on the amount. Tension Springs Catalogue - The Spring StoreYou may input your tension spring's outer diameter and length inside hooks or click on the link provided at the top right corner of the finder which will direct you to the full tension spring catalog database. We offer over 4,000 tension spring designs in stock with lengths from 0.220" to 9.880".

The Spring Store - The Spring Store

The Spring Store by Acxess Spring. With over 38,000 stock spring designs and growing, you can find easily buy high-quality springs for prototyping, testing, replacements or anything you need. Our mind-blowing discount pricing and even lower costs for high volume quantities along with high quality and excellent services make us your go-to shop Extension Spring Sizes - The Spring StoreOur ranges of extension spring sizes are below:Outer Diameters from 0.063 (1.600 mm) to 2.500 (63.500 mm) Length Inside Hooks from 0.220 (5.588 mm) to 28.5 (723.900 mm) Wire Diameters from 0.007 (0.178 mm ) to 0.375 (9.525 mm) Search for your extension spring by using our easy-to-use tension spring finder.

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