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A ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc (or ball) that works to control the flow through it. The ball (sphere) has a hole (known as a port) that when in line or open allows flow to occur. When the valve is closed the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve thus stopping flow. Ball valves are typically operated with a lever, gear, or an actuator. They are part of the

Ball valve - ium information group ium pipe

Trunnion mounted ball valve is a solution to the problem of excessive torque required by floating ball valve in high-pressure service. A short shaft like an extension that called trunnion set in the body. ium Ball Valve ASTM B367 gr C2 Gate/ Globe Valves The titanium ball valves are made up of titanium casing with the balls being made of different grades of titanium or other alloy materials. The ball moves up and down the body to open and close the valve. The applications of the titanium valves can be seen in high corrosive,

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Our ium valves are used extensively in the chemical processing industries. ium, Zirconium and Nickel ball valve series are mainly applicable for transportation of corrosive medium in such areas of natural gas, petroleum, chemicals. Chemical Composition. Composition %. ium Ball Valves ASTM B367 gr C2 Flanged Ball Valve Depending on the requirement of the application, any one of the various ium Ball Valves grades can be put to use.For instance, grade 1 to grade 4 ium Instrumentation Ball Valve are referred to as commercially pure titanium.On the other hand, any Floating type Flange end ium ball valve belonging to grade 5 and beyond are considered to be alloyed forms of ium Trunnion Mounted

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