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DIN 17102 TStE380 carbon high strength structure steel

The DIN 17102 TStE380 carbon high strength structure steel plates are featured products of BBN steel, and are widely used in construction of bridges, highway construction and other engineering construction. DIN 17102 TStE380 carbon high strength structure steel plates chemical composition:

Flame cutting is suitable for medium and thick TStE380

The application of wear resistant steel plate involves wear-resistant parts of equipment in underground mine, cement industry, road building industry, mining stone, open pit mine and metallurgy industry, etc.. TStE380 HSLA steel plate,304 stainless steel plate products have strong corrosion resistance. TStE380 chemical, TStE380 datasheet, TStE380 heat treatmentClassification(TStE380) Steel construction:to build the boiler, ships, Bridges, factories and other steel used in construction, this kind of steel, usually after welding construction, so generally no more than 0.25% carbon, low carbon steel, mostly used in the condition of hot rolling or normalizing.

What are the similar materials to TStE380 material - DIN

Our company has a dedicated after-sales service team and good after-sales service reputation, and has been recognized by customers over the past decades. Whenever there is problem about our TStE380 material steel materials during application on the user site, our after-sales service persons will assist to find solutions at the first time. What materials of TStE380 plates - DIN carbon steelThe main difference between carbon steel plate and manganese plate is that the yield strength of manganese plate is higher than that of carbon steel plate, TStE380 plates. From the point of view of hardness, it is obvious that the hardness of manganese plate is larger than that of carbon steel plate, and the application of manganese plate is

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