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H beam sizes can be customized. Classification of H-beams There are two types of hot-rolled H-beams and welded H-beams (H). Hot-rolled H-beams are divided into wide flange H-beams (HW), middle flange H-beams (HM) and narrow flange H-beams (HN) . Application of H-beams 1. Mainly used in beams and columns in industrial and civil structures. 2.

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Aug 05, 2021 · Hot Rolled, Galvanized & Rigid welded h beam -

  • Welded H Beam Welded Welded H Beam Custom Carbon Stainless Steel Welded H I Beam Fabrica PEB H Beam Welding machine Manufacturer and SupplierThe H Beams are fabricated / welded with Twin Wire Submerged Arc Welding Process which allows larger Weld deposition than conventional MIG Welding or single wire SAW process. Depending on the Thickness of the Web & Flange of the beam, various other advanced Welding processes can be employed to convert the single point tacked Beam to a fully Welded H Beam. SMart BEAM Lightweight Welded H-Beam 2010 The Jan 20, 2010 · 1. Lightweight welded H-beams Lightweight welded H-beams are continuously manufactured from hot-rolled coils by means of high-frequency resistance welding. As they are less thick than standard rolled H-beams, it is possible to reduce the weight of steel material used by a maximum of around 40% when compared to rolled H-beams with the same section properties*. In addition, as SMart BEAM lightweight welded H-beams

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    A welded beam to beam connection, fully fixed for high performance steel structures. A welded beam to beam connection, pinned with snipe for supporting members in high performance steel structures. See more examples in the article The 7 Most Used Beam Connections Explained. Find out more about welded H-beam connections

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