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Offshore Rig construction, pressure control and process piping for shipyards and offshore oil and gas infrastructure. Pipeline Equipment, consumables and expert knowledge in the deployment of cross-country or offshore pipeline projects. Pipe Mill Welding, cutting and fabrication of large-scale pipe for cross-country and subsea material transfer.

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consumable solutions engineered to meet the welding requirements for each of the various base materials common to the offshore oil and gas industry. Lincoln Electric remains committed to advancing the science and technology of welding for customers in the offshore industry. Oil & Gas Engineering Solutions for the Oil & Gas IndustryEWI is the industry leader in developing advanced welding technologies such as hybrid laser arc welding and friction stir welding for oil and gas applications. We are also recognized as the foremost source for weldability, qualification and specialized testing services related to the oil and gas industry.

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Oil rigs. When operating in the middle of a stormy sea, the word extreme gets a whole new meaning. Completing a welding project at the oil rig demands extensive documentation and perfect, durable welds. Kemppi solutions offer 100 % traceability of every weld even in extreme conditions. The number of welding imperfections is minimized with Robotic Solutions for Offshore Oil and Gas WeldingEquipped with a 2-axis positioner that coordinates tilt and rotation, the RoboCell 2P Welding Cell is an incredible 10-axis robotic welding solution. ARC-06S CNC SAW BOP Welding System. Capable of welding large valve bodies, the ARC-06S welding system is ideal for many oil and gas welding needs. This automated robotic welding system utilizes a PMAC CNC controller and fully coordinated 4-axis

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Welding solutions for offshore and onshore pipelines and fabrication. Serimax provides high quality automatic and manual welding services for the landline and the offshore market, including offshore pipeline installation, spoolbases and multi-jointing and subsea fabrication. Serimax operates in the oil and gas and nuclear industry. Our solutions encompass fit-for-purpose equipment, skilled personnel Welding solutions for Oil & Gas - InrotechInrotech Welding Solutions Oil & Gas Compact & Intelligent welding robot When it comes to welding requirements within offshore operations, Inrotech knows that weld quality, precision, and consistency is critical. The demand for larger diameter pipes with higher strength steel is increasing.

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OFFSHORE PRESSURISED PIPE WORK. European Heathyards have been delivering high quality solutions to the offshore oil and gas industries for more than 45 years. We specialize in high integrity welding pressurised pipe-work fabrication; however we are equally equipped to fabricate structural steel base plates across the complete spectrum of the industry codes and standards. Welding solutions for oil and gas offshore industries from Lincoln Electric understands the critical nature of welding requirements in the Oil and Gas Offshore industry. From stringent CTOD and toughness requirements on extreme thickness components to precision welding and cladding with alloy consumables used in highly corrosive environments, consistency and reliability, key to delivering a project on time and under budget.

We are the professional supplier who can meets all kinds of steel and fabrication requirements. If your required steel parts need cutting, welding, drilling, rolling, bending, forming, grinding, stamping and so on machining, we are ready to serve you.

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