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1908-1919 U.S. Military Pay Chart - Navy Cyberspace

1908-1919 U.S. Military Pay Charts. President Theodore Roosevelt, on May 11, 1909, signed, "An act Making appropriation for the support of the Army for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and nine.", and on, May 13, 1908, signed, "An act Making appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and nine, and for other purposes

Comparison of military and civilian pay in WWII by Barron's

Percent of single persons in United States with comparable or smaller incomes :In United States:Foreign:Wife (with no children) of private first class or seaman second class:$804:$934:30:Corporal and seaman first class:948:1,106:40:Sergeant (or sergeant technician), and U.S. Navy Officer Annual Pay and Allowances, 1943 - 1945Navy Officer Pay and Allowances 1943 - 1945:Annual Pay and Allowances of Commissioned and Warrant Officers, Navy and Naval Reserve under The Act of Congress of December 22, 1942. Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officer of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, July 1, 1945, NAVPERS 15013; Washington, Government Printing Office, 1945.

WWII U.S. Navy Enlisted Ranks and Department Descriptions

WWII U.S. Navy Enlisted Ranks and Department Descriptions The USN in World War II 1941 1945 Ratings in the Navy are divided into branches in accord with the special duties of each:Seaman Branch, Artificer Branch, Artificer branch (Engine Room), Aviation Branch, Special Branch, Specialists, Commissary Branch and Stewards Branch. WWII U.S. Navy Rates, Divisions and Pay Scales128 rows · All Hands - Rates, Divisions & Pay Scales. Much of the information on this page is taken from The Bluejacket's Manual 12th ed. (Annapolis, MD.:U.S. Naval Institute, 1944). Enlisted Mens' Ratings - Officers' Ranks - Divisions - Enlisted Mens' Pay Grades. Enlisted Mens' Ratings

1922 Officer Pay Pay Raises. The United States enlisted military pay scales effective July 1, 1922 to September 30, 1940 for active components of the Navy, Coast Guard, Army, and Marine Corps. The pay rates are monthly, US dollar. 1922-1940 Enlisted Military Base Pay Chart

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